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Current Projects

On going maintenance and expansion of FDR skatepark in Philadelphia is perpetual. Tune in to our current projects for more information on our latest charitable efforts. Your support is admired.

New vert ramp design


On May 16th 2021, arson caused the loss of our Sean Miller/ Tom Boyle memorial vert ramp. We are actively taking donations to rebuild a new monument to vertical skateboarding. With an engineer-approved design in hand, we look forward to bringing vert back to the east coast scene.  Thank you for all the donations already given that were benchmarked for the vert ramp.

vert ramp goal graph


Volunteers traveled in from around the country to pour 56 yards in one shot. This pour was made possible by the donors of FDR Skatepark who raised $15,000 in two weeks. A big thank you to everyone involved. Our next course of action is to build a hip next to the killar pillar,

East Wing new pour
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