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taco big spin on the bunkerwall

Our Mission

FDR SKATEPARKS Co strives to continue building what we love; one of a kind skate terrain for underserved communities.

framing the pocket to the left of the capsule in the capsule bowl

Our History

Circa 1996, a group of skaters gathered all their money and pooled together enough to build a quarter pipe and two moguls to ollie over. 27 years later, the building has compounded into a skate mecca equivalent to 24,000 square feet  and growing! Through the vast carpentry and masonry knowledge of the founding fathers of FDR Skatepark, the legacy lives on via donations and volunteers eager to learn new skills.

Experienced Leadership

FDR SKATEPARKS Co. gained 501(c)(3) status in 2021. Being recognized as a charitable organization has taken our dream to the next level. Despite surviving 25 years out of skateboarders pocket change, total dedication and muscles; going non-profit has given us the opportunity to accept funds from new avenues to help reduce the financial burden of our ever growing vision.

Carlos air over under Johnny frontside grind in the revolution pocket

Meet the Board Members

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of FDR Skateparks Co. Their efforts help shape the direction and mission of our organization. Read on to learn more.

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