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Drop into the New Age of Skatepark planning

Our Services

finishing the capsule bowl
capsule being handstacked

Skate park design

Rely on FDR Skateparks Co to bring personalized ideas to the drawing board. We design on greatness alone. While most towns are paying top dollar for easy to build stuff, we deliver greatness for industry standard prices. From concept to completion, quality craftsmanship and community empowerment is our duty.

Gloria finishing concrete flat

Onsite construction

Relying on donations for material, our volunteer builders begin by accessing the site and future build based on the surrounding environment. Using green initiatives, every build is tailored to create a safe space for skateboarders and community alike.

Nicole riding the square bowl

Test ridden

Every member of FDR Skateparks Co. is an avid skateboarder and has spent years traveling the country, skating parks far and wide to analyze the unique traits that make a skatepark extraordinary.

New coping on the capsule bowl

We integrate with your community

Grassroots, citizen organized urban planning creates a one of a kind inspiring space for the community to enjoy and flourish. Keeping our community members involved and informed creates a symbiotic relationship unmatched by just your average public skatepark.

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